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Child ADHD

I've just found out my daughter has ADHD at 10 years old. Does anyone have any good advice. Like the following I have found online: Be honest with your child about ADHD Enforce rules and consequences calmly Don't overprotect your child

1169 views Lisa1, Herts Valley - Mon, 26 Sep 2016


My partner and 15yr old constantly clashing

Please help my partner has recently been diagnosed with Adhd and this has had a massive impact on our lives as this has only happened recently and my partner has waited over 30 yrs for the diagnosis and are still at medication level stage so you can imagine how things are at the moment. My main concern is my 15yr old daughter is struggling with this more than us and all she seems to be saying lately is I don't like her anymore!! Why does she always shout!! Why isn't she any fun anymore! Myself...

1553 views Angel72a, Tue, 15 Dec 2015


My partner and 15 yr old are clashing

Please help I'm at my wits end my partner has recently been diagnosed with Adhd and this has had a massive impact on our lives as a family as my partner has lived with this for over 30 yrs before getting the diagnosis, and we are still at the stage of getting their dosage right so as you can possibly understand how things are right now. Myself and partner are struggling and I don't seem to recognise my partner anymore huge change. My main concern is my 15 year old daughter is seems to be...

1386 views Angel72a, Tue, 15 Dec 2015


Newby help please.

can u talk about add or adhd. I have never been able to remember what I was reading and in class lectures I still found myself daydreaming. my mother has always complained that I Never stick to anything ever. I admit and know myself that I cannot focus on anything for long.. I just can't. do u think it is possible that all these years struggling in school starting around grade 5.. that I have add??? can anyone help?? I amalso very forgetful and unorganized .what should I do ??? To get help.

2 replies , 2264 views beleive, Thu, 28 May 2015