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De-personalised & antidepressants

Hi there, as anyone here ever felt de-personalised and not the person they are supposed to be, its when everything seems unreal, I think it's a feature of anxiety it can be quite scary. Is it a side effect of being on antidepressants (citalopram)?

2 replies , 815 views jerry123, United Kingdom - Fri, 25 Nov 2016


episodes of depression

I've been experiencing episodes of depression and its truly ruining my life. I've had numerous episodes these past couple of weeks and almost broke my hand punching a cement wall. I don't know how to control myself and my moods and I go for short periods of time days or even weeks of elated mood then just outta nowhere crashing depression and I feel so lost and confused. I feel like no one can help me and getting professional help isn't an option for me so I'm just looking for ways to cope...

647 views Paulxx, Barnet - Thu, 10 Nov 2016


pushing away somone i love.

my therapist feels I am borderline personality disorder. I have spoken to my GP who doesn't seem to think PD is a condition. The more i learn the more it upsets me. That i could be a manipulative person. but when I have behavior like this....... seeking to be loved and liked by others. I find I’m the kind of person who drives my girlfriend nuts. I want to approach my ex girlfriend part of me simply knows that she has no desire to talk to me. That she sees me as a guy who plays with...

658 views Darren, Enfield - Mon, 3 Oct 2016


Getting to much

Hi, It's been a while since I have been on here as had no Internet, I don't even know we're to start, I honestly think I'm going crazy, I'm questioning everything Im feeling or thinking. is it because I'm ill or I'm just really not a nice person, I have so much hate and jealousy towards people and life yet would jump at the drop of the hat to help them, is it because I'm a nice person I do this or is it because I'm so desperatly want them to like me, my heads spinning and family life is getting...

4 replies , 1708 views lucy84, torquay - Sun, 26 Jul 2015


i can help you guys. xxxx

I can think of many ways that I can any guys here to get rid of their bad feelings. If you want the help of a Chinese girl get in touch. Nothing is off limits. xxx My email is

2993 views Chinababe, Sheffield/Hong Kong - Fri, 24 Jul 2015



I was wondering if anyone is free to chat. I feel so alone. I have had depression for many years and been on medication I came off them for the first time in yrs last yr and was feeling ok for a few months then I went back down again so went back on meds. I have tried 2 different ones but I don't feel any better I'm sick of going to the doctors to change my medication all the time. I just can't shake negative feelings off and I just feel numb if anyone understands x

11 replies , 1538 views Shazza50, Manchester - Wed, 15 Jul 2015



I feel depressed most of the time and nothing is getting better I just would like to here other people's experiences to see how they feel

3 replies , 1441 views Steph.3, United Kingdom - Sun, 12 Jul 2015


CBT for anxiety

Hi all! Just wondered if anyone here has been to cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety? If they have, has it been working for you? I start it in a couple of weeks..

1233 views Emily, United Kingdom - Tue, 23 Jun 2015


Self harm

I'm addicted to cutting, iv just came out of hospital after being stitched up, but all I want to do is cut some more, can I talk to someone who understands? I'm trying so hard to resist.

3 replies , 1404 views Pearl5100, United Kingdom - Wed, 25 Feb 2015


I want to die, but i'm putting a front on

I want to die, i've been on anti depressants for three months now and my partner hates them. He dosn't understand depression he just thinks i'm being silly and that i just need to get a grip on life. This has made me put a front onto the world trying my best to be happy and positive but it's just impossible for me, he said to me since i've gone on my anti depressants he said i don't look like myself like the medication is sucking all my energy in his words it looks to him like i don't have any...

3 replies , 1541 views Clowerrr, Leeds - Wed, 21 Jan 2015

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