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Frustrated with life

Hi I need support at times my therapist is indifferent so is my family and friends

1 reply , 1889 views alfredo, Paris - Mon, 2 Mar 2015



Hi I'm new here I suffer from depression and have for many years. I have recently been very low and lonely with it. My daughter thinks I may be type 2 bipolar if this is the correct name for it. If anyone knows about this I would be pleased to hear from you.

2 replies , 2740 views cazharding, United Kingdom - Tue, 10 Jun 2014


how to make permanent recovery

i am 54 years old, and ihad diagnostic by my doctor that i had bipolar disorder 20 years ago. the fact I had tihis problem when I 14 years old. so I had very late for treatment. I married with 7 child 4 son and 3 sister. for last 1 years my condition was very good and stable mood. and my doc give me frimania/ilthium carbonate 400mg once/day I get in the morning. how to make my goog condition permanenly for future?

2739 views hendras, Indonesia - Fri, 18 Apr 2014


Do I have bipolar?

I'm afraid I have bipolar, my mother and three of her five siblings have been diagnosed with it, I'm sixteen and have been a stable carer for my mother but she's always told me I am the most like her. I suffer from depression which I would describe as quite manic at times, I can go from upbeat and lively to depressed and sunken. Although my mood swings are nothing like my mothers, and my mind isn't absent to what is normal and what's not, I recognise that I am not well in one sense or another.

3 replies , 2909 views tillyxxx, Warwickshire - Sat, 29 Mar 2014


Bipolar traits

Hi, does anyone know how to convince someone to seek help for his mental state? My friend insists there is nothing wrong with him however his mood swings are extreme and he gets very angry. His mother has bipolar and I believe it can be hereditary... he can be really angry one minute and laughing manically at something on the TV five minutes later. It's really odd...

4 replies , 2526 views TraceyMc, TN12 0AP - Sat, 11 May 2013