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does my child have ASD and where do i go for help?

Hi im new to this site and need advice. I have a son who is nearly four now . He is having trouble talking and toilet training.  He has attended a hearing test today and it has been discovered he has a middle ear problem which is under review.  Since birth he has been difficult, with difficulty settling him and he's very demanding.  We have made excuses "he's only a baby" or "terrible 2's" but as he is due to start school in September these excuses are running out.  he has limited social...

1074 views CherryD, Enfield - Mon, 7 Nov 2016


Autism Behavios. What we have done/do to help our son.

With behaviors and Autistic children in general.. The following are somethings that I have learned through out the years that have helped us and my son cope and stop unsavory behaviors. 1.) Weighted vests come in really handy to help calm down ASD Kids. Think of it as giving them a hug. It's for security. It always helped calm our son down. 2.) Also, ever think of using a sock to calm down your child? Very simple and ready at hand. Just place a longer (crew) sock over your childs hand..

1 reply , 3076 views BeckySwann, Wisconsin - Fri, 6 Jun 2014


want to know about visual aba

Is there any qualified visual aba therapist in india

2655 views zeba, ahmedabad....gujarat - Thu, 5 Jun 2014


My 4 year old was recently diagnosed with autism

Hi everyone My son was recently diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder and I've been finding it really hard to deal with the not knowing of what he will be like once he has or as he is growing up. I love him no matter what and nothing will change that obvs but I am finding it difficult. Anyone have any advice? Please thanks

2 replies , 2116 views Beckyzealy, Stockport - Tue, 25 Mar 2014


How do I get my child tested for autisic spectrum disorder

I have asked my doctor for a referral to have my child tested for autism. He has already been diagnosed with ADHD. He has told me to ask the school for a referral is this the case. I may be being sceptical but at the present time Consultant has to me to ask the school for a CAF for extra support and they say they dont do it. Please help I just seem to be going round in circles.

1 reply , 2504 views NickyH7472, Isle of Wight - Mon, 24 Mar 2014


Choosing a specialist

Does your child see a general paediatrician or a autism specialist? How did you go about making a choice of the unit or consultant to receive care from?

1 reply , 2267 views hf-editors, Thu, 23 May 2013