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vitiligo did not kill :)

7 year ago , it began with some spots that i have no idea what was it and didn't care because i had depression .. after few years , the spots were spreding in my body (my legs and some spots every where except face and hands). the Dr said that's a type of vitilgo , the treatment did not exsist in Tunisia and i have to buy it from france.. Expensive and difficult to buy , i decided to stop treatment and not caring about my spots even if it hurts inside my sool. i always say vitiligo did not kill...

1 reply , 2078 views afaf, tunisia - Wed, 16 Apr 2014


Here to make friends and find a solution to vitiligo

I am here to find a solution from vitiligo or to make friends who has got the same problem. I got few spot on my legs and hands. Though it has stopped spreading, but still few old patches remaining to recover.

3 replies , 2946 views piyush, Pune - Tue, 15 Apr 2014



What camouflage creams and products have you found effective and good value for money?

2806 views hf-editors, Fri, 10 May 2013