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Hi Iam new to the group and have never spoken to someone with the same condition would really like to talk to someone. Jessica.

4 replies , 3751 views jessica, United Kingdom - Mon, 15 Sep 2014


Night Sweats

Hi!I don't have CFS but my boyfriend does.He's been complaining of night sweats and we can't find a way how to treat or deal with it.Have you experienced the same? Let us know please. We badly need help!

2 replies , 1759 views amps0852, Philippines - Fri, 1 Aug 2014



Live in very stressful house. Stress plus this illness is very bad combination.

2016 views Mercedez, Scotland - Mon, 21 Jul 2014



I can only liken an ME crash episode to being given an anaesthetic from the neck down. My head wants to continue but my body refuses to follow!

1920 views Credz, East Midlands UK - Thu, 17 Jul 2014


new to this site

Hi in new to this site and struggling to come to terms with how this condition had robbed me of such a lot i work part time..and would like to try and get some relief from symptoms...without drugs..

1 reply , 2411 views marybelle, newcastle upon tyne - Thu, 17 Jul 2014



After a long spell of feeling fairly well, my CFS is creeping back, I am tired of yawning at my friends and walking, talking and generally looking like I am only half there. I have a job that still needs to be done no matter how I feel. And as much as I would like to pack up 20 mins after I have started, I can't. The doctor does not want to refer me to the CF clinic as I am not a bad case and I have been left in limbo again, just waiting until this next phase passes. I sometimes think it...

1 reply , 2469 views Credz, East Midlands UK - Fri, 4 Jul 2014



Hiya I am new to this site and just been diagnosed with cfs. Doctor has advised me to take vitamins b6/b12/folic acid and ginseng and told me cfs will go in time. Firstly are there any other vitamins worth taking and do they help? Secondly, is that right, that it will go? I would love to hear from anyone with some knowledge of cfs

4 replies , 2745 views sarahc75, brockham, Surrey - Tue, 22 Apr 2014


My story

To cut a long story short in 2007 i became ill various symptoms doctors first thought Lupus then thought i had a stroke. In 2010 i finally saw a brilliant doctor who took one look at me and predicted CUSHINGS DISEASE . I was a classic cushie, went from being 8st to 14st in months, body of an 80yr old even ended up in a wheelchair before having my Piturity tumor removed. Since then i have still been very weak, muscles aches and pains all over body sit in a chair for couple minutes and my bum...

1 reply , 2111 views missymoo, Linconshire - Wed, 2 Apr 2014



So who else here suffers from ME/cfs? I was diagnosed in September after a year of illness and am waiting to see a specialist in January to hopefully help with this life changing illness. Any ones else waiting to see a specialist or seeing one? Really hoping they can help! :-)

4 replies , 2582 views Stacey, United Kingdom - Fri, 29 Nov 2013


The value of blood tests

Thank you Neisie, I was feeling tired all the time and I was finally persuaded to have blood tests. I was found to be low in iron and vitamin D for which I took tablets. I feel I'm less tired now but still have occasional bad days. I feel it was worth while having the blood tests.

2056 views kay, London - Thu, 8 Aug 2013

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