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Dementia or just old age?

Recently I have noticed some changes in my father. Mixing up words and mixing up names of people in our family and his character has also changed, he flies off the handle, accuses me of doing things like stealing. am I making something out of nothing? is this normal as you get older? or shall I seek help for him? He has started writing lists when going to the shop just to buy a few things.

1 reply , 1386 views Rose1, Herts Valley - Fri, 4 Nov 2016


How to delay dementia

Both of my parents have dementia and I'm really worried about getting it, its so horrible to watch both of your parents with it I'm so scared about getting it early in life like my mother. does anyone have any tips on how to hold it off for as long as possible!

2 replies , 2185 views sheilaH, Barnet - Fri, 4 Nov 2016


Hypnotherapy for dementia

The works of Dr Simon Duff and Dr Daniel Nightingale in the UK, which were published as an empirical study, proved that hypnosis can be a very valuable tool in improving the quality of life for those living with dementia. Unfortunately few medical and health professionals know about the study or agree with hypnosis which in turn results in most people not being informed of an alternative which actually works. If I were the person living with dementia or a family member then I would want to know...

3456 views ChrisM, Pretoria - Mon, 7 Apr 2014