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brain fog

My husband is the one that had a stroke on June third of this year. Recently he started feeling weird at he put it. Experiencing brain fog, double vision, mumbling and at times trouble walking. His ct scans came back good so they did a spinal tap yesterday. Anyone else had this done?

2942 views dawnmarie, Wiggins miss - Wed, 8 Oct 2014



I had a TIA last year and fully recovered from it. I was diagnosed with a large PFO . Are there any other members who have found out they have a PFO .

4 replies , 2223 views jennyh, United Kingdom - Fri, 23 May 2014


neuropothy caused by coma during stroke.

My stroke happened suddenly. I had been on hormone replacement therapy following my hysterectomy. I went fishing with my then husband of 19 years. It was extremely hot and no shade. The combination of the 95 degree heat and hormone therapy caused my blood to thicken. A small clot went through my right brain hemisphere. I was totally paralyzed on my left side. Six weeks later I was able to walk, talk and swallow well enough to go home. I continued to improve over the following months. During the...

3338 views StarMiles, Arkansas - Wed, 5 Mar 2014


Would like to discuss numbness with others

Nearly 70, Reasonably fit, go to gym 4 times a week. A few days ago I developed the minor symptoms of a stroke.. Numbness in my left hand and leftside of face. I reported this my doctor who has emailed my specialist doctor (I had an MRI scan for a suspected mini stroke last year). I am on maximium statins for high cholesterol and am on an asprin a day. I would like to discuss with other sufferers, this numbness.

3056 views waltlynch, Godmanchester, Cambs - Tue, 3 Dec 2013


shoulder problems after a stroke

hello my name is Robert Thornton my girl friend had a stroke 4/4/12 due to her stroke she ended up with a sublux shoulder and the pain she was in was not letting her get the rehab she needed.all of her doctors and therapist told her that there wasn't any sorta sling or arm brace for a sublux shoulder that they would recommend because they did more harm then good in one way or another........well I'm sorry I couldn't stand seeing her in so much pain so with the help of her therapist I designed a...

3005 views Subluxslin, bunker hill wv - Mon, 14 Oct 2013


Do you feel that anger or stress were the cause of your stroke?

It is often said by people who have had a stroke that psychological stress and aggression were the cause of their stroke. Do you agree?

2062 views hf-editors, Fri, 10 May 2013