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Leg weakness + going on walks

Good day all, I have been diagnosed with ms for 11 years. Right now I'm facing weakness (jelly like) in my legs when I go out for a walk. I really need to incorporate some sort of exercise in my life. I don't know how to overcome this, it jus seems there regardless of what I do, even when I try to push myself, it dosent help. Does anyone know how to deal with this? I want to be stronger.

3 replies , 2845 views abisolad, Nigeria - Mon, 15 Jun 2015


Being tested for MS

I have had strange symptoms over a period of 15-20 years. I had Glandular Fever at age 19. I did not take nearly enough time offf work and feel that never fully recoverd my health. I put down my bouts of exhausti Ion (not being able to fight my eyes closing and having to go to lie down and sleep for a couple of hours) to GF relapses, over the following years.I don't remember any other symptom untilabout 4 years after GF. I had numbness in both my thumbs. I could jab the ends of them with a pin...

2 replies , 2040 views Peachy, Sun, 16 Nov 2014


trans verse myelitis

anyone out there start with tm that turned into ms

1 reply , 2777 views laura79, suffolk uk - Fri, 14 Nov 2014


Secondary progressive

Hi can anyone out there help me with cognitive dysfunction. How to help or prevent deterioration. What to expect in the future. Look forward to hearing from you.

3 replies , 1996 views gently, United Kingdom - Thu, 7 Aug 2014


Use of Trampers (advanced scooters)

Using my Tramper is giving me the chance to get into the hills as I used to do. I must admit that a willing partner is a great help.

3005 views chris70, Cumbria - Thu, 7 Aug 2014



I go out 3 times a week for a few hours with a friend, but i am very lonely for the rest of the time i am in, my twins have reached 13 now, and i only sem to be useful when buying things for the female twin, who tells me that i am lazy, she don't understand that my legs are killing me and that i am drowsy, i just need to chat with someone who has got similar problems.

3 replies , 1801 views chelsey, bangor - Mon, 23 Jun 2014



I have been unwell for 14yrs and had many tests over the years which always come back normal. I was told i had m.e/cfs. 2 years ago i had really bad vertigo when i tried to get up out of bed. I had another brain mri and this time it showed lesions. The neuro did a lumbar puncture and evoke potential test which both came back normal. He doesn't want to see me for 12 months unless something happens in the mean time. I feel i am no further forward after 14yrs except i now have lesions.

3550 views foggyhead, cumbria - Fri, 30 May 2014


MS & Career loss

Hey guys....anyone out there with MS who have had to retire early from their career they so loved ? How has it affected your MS and your overall Mental Health ? What hobbies/interest have you embarked on to fill the empty void ? Would love to hear your stories, as my mind is racing and I get so frustrated that I can't go back into the classroom- my cognition just isn't half as sharp as it used to be....not fair to the kids anyway ! Lisa x

3 replies , 1965 views Pisces, Cardiff - Wed, 14 May 2014


Relapse/Remitting MS?

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with MS and am a bit overwhelmed as to what I need to do or know... the MS nurse told me that I should think about medication when I am more at ease with the recent knowledge.. Sorry if I sound vague, but the symptoms I have been having aren't the usual ones you hear or read about... Can someone please enlighten me? Thank you! Penny

6 replies , 3690 views pejaachPen, Buckinghamshire - Wed, 14 May 2014


Making friends

Want to chat with other people with secondary progressive m s

1 reply , 2813 views Mollie21, Exeter - Thu, 1 May 2014

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