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mucinous overian cancer

Hi there I've recently been diagnosed with stage 1C2 mucinous ovarian cancer.   I've been told that it's the kind of cancer that requires surgery but doesn't respond to chemo therefore I'm having to have a full hysterectomy next week, .  I was wondering if anyone who has had this kind of mucinous cancer has ended up having chemo after having had the same procedure? 

1149 views Tattyteddy, Barnet - Fri, 18 Nov 2016


side effects of Chemo

I'm doing ok just coming out other side of chemo five was a struggle. There is a pattern to the side-effects with Chemo. You get to know how your going to react and what side affects you will experience. It has also being my experience that the affects can be more pronounced with each cycle. What side effects do others have and how long did they take to go?

1887 views ella1, United Kingdom - Fri, 7 Oct 2016


my story

I was getting terrible stomach cramps just before I needed to go to the loo. They got so painful that I couldn’t speak. I remember talking to a shop assistant and just staring at her and mentally willing her to carry on talking while I internalised the pain. Looking back, I had lost weight too, but not a massive amount. At the time I put the weight loss down to the fact that I’d just moved house and there was a lot of going up and down stairs. But if there’s no real reason for your weight...

1363 views Helen, herts - Wed, 28 Sep 2016


pain right side on and off


2112 views posie, Fri, 13 Mar 2015


IP port for chemo

I have two ports for my chemo treatments. One is a power port and the other was an IP port. The IP port put the chemo directly to my stomach. I haven't found anyone to talk to about their IP port experience. Is there anyone willing to have a discussion about their experience? My experience was not a pleasant one and I would like to know if that is the norm.

4187 views OCsurvivor, Westover, WV - Sat, 7 Jun 2014


how did you find out?

how did you find out about your cancer? how old were you and did it affect your lifesyle at all?

2 replies , 2880 views vwhisnant2, georgia - Sat, 7 Jun 2014


Should I go back to my own doctor

Hi. I went to the doctor with a unrelated lump in my vagina. I went for a scan and it showed a 5.4 mass on my right ovary. My doctor rang next day asking to see me, I saw the results from the scan stating very possibly Ovarian Cancer I had blood test c 125 came back clear. Went see a specialist who did not look at my scan pictures or read my notes. He did internal and said don't worry I will send you for another scan in three months. Im a bit all over the place at the moment, trying to find...

3 replies , 3341 views suzy1364, stoke on trent - Sat, 7 Jun 2014


Body pain after surgery and chemo

Just wondering if I have any fellow 'body pain' sufferers and what you take to ease it?

2 replies , 3455 views AnitaA, Blackburn - Thu, 15 May 2014


Homeopathic Medicine

Hi Everyone, I've just joined today. A friend suggested I try Iscador (Mistletoe) when I started to relapse after first line treatment last November. There's no way to say whether it has made any difference or not but it is associated with an additional six months remission and here I am nearly 2 1/2 years after diagnosis and first treatment and only just needing another dose of chemotherapy. xx

2591 views Whippit, London - Fri, 11 Oct 2013


immunocare 300

A good friend, also a herbalist has suggested taking these tablets. I already take B17 - does anyone have thoughts on either of these?

7 replies , 3133 views maw, down, northern ireland - Wed, 8 Jan 2014

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