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New to PCOS

I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS. Started by me noticing mass weight gain. I've always been athletic build and 85kg 5ft10. I gained weight all of a sudden and could not work it off no matter how much I tried. So a visit to the doc was in order. They put me on a higher dosage pill to help control the hormones but in turn made me gain more weight! So now I'm massively depressed and insecure about myself as I've just broken the 100kg barrier I work out 2-5 times a week depending on...

1962 views Vasenna, Greensborough - Wed, 25 May 2016


diet for Polycystic ovaries

Hi my daughter has recently found out she has polycystic ovaries and is quite upset about it. We have read up a little about the condition and it mentions diet should change. My daughter is a vegitarian aswell so it would be really helpful if anyone can help me with this.

2289 views margie1, Tue, 1 Jul 2014


Fatigued with PCOS and Keep on Gaining Weight.

So tired all the time and sick of gaining weight and feeling miserable all the time. Can't remember the last time I woke up and thought "Wow, I feel great"! or even "I feel well rested" Can anyone help or have any suggestions on how I can make a start to change my life when I just feel so dam tired all the time?

2 replies , 2101 views NZGirl38, Auckland - Fri, 28 Mar 2014


PCOS - Clomid - Research

Research Question- DO You have POS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, were you prescribed Clomid? I have a few questions for a research report. 1. Did you conceive while on Clomid? 2. Did you develop Gestational Diabetes? 3. Were you overweight while on Clomid? 4. Did you develop Pre-Eclampsia or HELLP Syndrome during your pregnancy? Thank You for everyone that helps with an answer, I appreciate it greatly! Miranda Sherman #PCOS #Clomid #gestationaldiabetes

1 reply , 3278 views MirandaS, Detroit Lakes, MN - Sat, 14 Dec 2013


Help managing PCOS when NOT trying to conceive

Hi there! I have 4 kids- very blessed that with the help of doctors, God, and Metformin I have them now!! But Im DONE having kids now! 4 is my limit :) Now I just need help finding a route to go in trying to get help in managing PCOS while NOT trying to conceive. What hormone test can I do to rule out what meds will help- which ones wont. What meds can I take to control PCOS for adult acne, weight, hair growth in places I dont want it, hair loss in places I do want it. Im in Omaha Nebraska and...

3 replies , 3304 views denmichell, omaha, nebraska - Mon, 28 Oct 2013



I have very regular period 28 days only my last period was 34 days im married im eager in getting concieve so i consult doctor they scan and told i have multi cyst wil it affect lot it concieve

1 reply , 4396 views Renu, India - Mon, 21 Oct 2013


ttc with pcos

anyone had a baby with pcos or is trying for a baby

1911 views helensmith, minchinbury sydney nsw - Tue, 23 Jul 2013


Laser depilation

Have you been able to access laser depilation on the NHS or have you resorted to paying for?

2812 views hf-editors, Fri, 10 May 2013