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Menopause too early after having cervical cancer

I've Just found out that I am going through the menopause. The doctor thought it was my B12 that was low with my symptoms but blood tests confirmed it. So 3yrs after being diagnosed my ovaries packed in. Anyone else going through it 10 years too early? I've not had any meds sorted yet as they want to do my bloods again in 4 weeks but the symptoms are getting worse especially with work and family life.

1406 views Kimmy.w, Enfield - Thu, 10 Nov 2016


side effects of Chemo and radio for cervical cancer

Hi ladies, well I've almost finished Chemo and radio. the worst side effect is diarrhoea needing to go and not able to hold it for very long. I have had incontinence recently which is just awful side effects, what is the best way to treat this?

1 reply , 1341 views Rose1, Herts Valley - Thu, 10 Nov 2016


cervical cancer

Last year my mum was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage ll-lll. She went through radiation therapy course without a problem (no surgery). A few months ago she got a post radiation side affect as a rectal bleeding and a month after she got a blood clot in her leg. She was taking blood thinners for a month which made her bleed even more. She had to stop. Now the cancer went into her lymph nodes and shutting down her right kidney. The doctor said he couldn't do radiation of her lymph nodes or...

1174 views Emma, Enfield - Wed, 28 Sep 2016


cervical cancer

I found out I had cancer in my cervix a week ago. This week im going in for day surgery to check its no where else. Just seeing if anyone else has been through this?

2163 views Ell, Sun, 15 Nov 2015



how urgent is treatment after being diagnosed with cervical cancer?

9 replies , 4130 views tanya1000, United Kingdom - Tue, 4 Aug 2015


Cervical HPV

Hi all, I think I contracted HPV 2 years ago but it was confirmed as high risk in a letter from my GP along with abnormal smear test results and HPV test.. I have read numerous threads on the internet regarding this and though it seems quite common among women my age (27) I am really worried about what the outcome will be. After all medicals tests my OBGYN told me a patient of hers began taking Cervugid Ovules for the same problems and at her next visit (6 months later), the results were...

2756 views miarevees, Los Angeles - Tue, 4 Aug 2015


Interview participants needed for dissertation on Cervical Cancer

How is Religion used as an aid to resilience in women who have dealt with cervical cancer? From diagnosis to remission and beyond. Hello my name is Connor Calton and I am a third year psychology and counselling student at the University of Northampton. I am conducting interviews for my dissertation on women that have suffered from cervical cancer and are currently in or have been in remission. My research supervisor’s name is Dr Alasdair Gordon-Finlayson, and his and my contact details are...

1948 views ConnorC, attleborough norfolk - Sun, 25 Jan 2015


Cervical Cancer Stage 3

I just found out last week that I have stage 3 cervical cancer. Oncologist and family want me to just jump into treatment of radiation and chemo. I have read various blogs where women talk about the radiation damage after treatment. It seem pretty bad. I want quality of life. If the treatment kills the cancer but damages organs and causes other major damage, I am not sure I want to go that way. I am 63 almost 64 and have other health issues already on top of the cancer. Are there any...

3021 views mamado, Columbus, GA - Tue, 22 Jul 2014



Hi I've recently had smear and results was high grade. I then was booked in for a colposcopy 1wk later after rec letter. Went to colposcopy and was refused treatment on day as they explained my whole cervix was covered in abnormal cells cin3 level. Doctor said I need to have a diathermy under general ( I have no choice but to do it this way). I'm concerned as have back ache and regular abnormal bleeding specially over last few weeks and have a very tender abdomen. Is this something I should be...

2915 views L2012, United Kingdom - Mon, 24 Feb 2014


Clinical Nurse Specialist

Tell us your views about your cancer nurse specialist. How available were they to you? What information did they provide you with?

2440 views hf-editors, Fri, 10 May 2013