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how urgent is treatment after being diagnosed with cervical cancer?

9 replies , 3344 views tanya1000, United Kingdom - Tue, 4 Aug 2015


Cervical HPV

Hi all, I think I contracted HPV 2 years ago but it was confirmed as high risk in a letter from my GP along with abnormal smear test results and HPV test.. I have read numerous threads on the internet regarding this and though it seems quite common among women my age (27) I am really worried about what the outcome will be. After all medicals tests my OBGYN told me a patient of hers began taking Cervugid Ovules for the same problems and at her next visit (6 months later), the results were...

2033 views miarevees, Los Angeles - Tue, 4 Aug 2015


Cervical Cancer Stage 3

I just found out last week that I have stage 3 cervical cancer. Oncologist and family want me to just jump into treatment of radiation and chemo. I have read various blogs where women talk about the radiation damage after treatment. It seem pretty bad. I want quality of life. If the treatment kills the cancer but damages organs and causes other major damage, I am not sure I want to go that way. I am 63 almost 64 and have other health issues already on top of the cancer. Are there any...

2307 views mamado, Columbus, GA - Tue, 22 Jul 2014



Hi I've recently had smear and results was high grade. I then was booked in for a colposcopy 1wk later after rec letter. Went to colposcopy and was refused treatment on day as they explained my whole cervix was covered in abnormal cells cin3 level. Doctor said I need to have a diathermy under general ( I have no choice but to do it this way). I'm concerned as have back ache and regular abnormal bleeding specially over last few weeks and have a very tender abdomen. Is this something I should be...

2205 views L2012, United Kingdom - Mon, 24 Feb 2014