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my Daughter was just diagnosed

Finding foods my teenage daughter likes has been near impossible but it has only been 3 days. Her TTG’s came back extremely high (85) and it seems like getting her below 4 is a lifetime away. I just want to make this easier for her. I want to find foods she can enjoy. She was a total foodie before this. She loves to cook and try new recipes but she hates the new ingredients before she even tries them. I am hoping this is just the initial anger phase and she will move out of it Please tell...

1916 views Carlym, Barnet - Thu, 17 Nov 2016


refractory coeliac disease

Hi ive been living with type 1 refractory coeliac disease with total villi atrophy with a marsh grade of 3b 4 being the worse  for 2 years now is there anyone in the area with the same condition

3 replies , 3371 views donasutty, Runcorn, Cheshire - Thu, 19 Mar 2015


Formal diagnosis through a small intestine biopsy

How many of you have you been formally diagnosed with a small intestine biopsy? 1 in 12 in the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness study, a summary of which is in the News tab, have not been formally diagnosed. How was the diagnosis made in your case?

4 replies , 3551 views hf-editors, Thu, 19 Mar 2015


Gluten-free food on prescription

How do you find managing your gluten-free diet? Share your experiences here.

4147 views hf-editors, Mon, 10 Jun 2013