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Tumour in my sigmoid colon

I've been having rectal bleeding for a while so eventually went to see my GP 18 months ago, she sent me for a colonoscopy. The hospital messed up my appointment twice and by the time they sent me a third I was too fed up to go. My symptoms however persisted so after 18 months my GP sent me back. My colonoscopy was not as minor as I had been told. I was on the table for almost 90 minutes, when I eventually got off the table I could hardly walk as it set my back problem off. The doctor...

1 reply , 2263 views Tom2, Enfield - Mon, 31 Oct 2016


Royal Marsden

I have been told by a friend that the Royal Marsden is an excellent centre for bowel cancer but it is a long way for me. Has anybody had treatment there and is it worth going all that way?

1154 views JJ48, Fri, 7 Oct 2016


advice or similar experiences needed!

Hi all, I would gratefully appreciate any advice or similar experiences you can share with me. I've generally been a well guy who hates visiting the doc. However I've been there 3 time in last 2 months which is more than last few years! The reasons for the visit: -irregular bowel movements.(always needed to go quite a lot until recently) -thought my pee looked pink(done a sample and doc checked and no blood) And in last 4 weeks starting from earliest symptom: -couldn't pass a poo in...

1111 views carl, barnet - Wed, 28 Sep 2016


Inoperable bowel cancer and hernia

My husband has had an operation for bowel cancer but they could not carry on as the tumour was rapped around something. Since then he has got an incisional hernia over the scar of his operation. Is there any help to see if we can ease wind and pain? He has to wear a belt to hold the hernia in. The colectoral team and specialist say it is too dangerous to repair the hernia so he has to live like this. I am hoping to get some help for him.

1890 views margi, Halstead Essex - Thu, 11 Sep 2014


My story

5th January 1996, I collapsed in pain, and could not move, my now husband called for the doctor, who called an ambulance to rush me to hospital with a suspected appendicitis...Waking up after my operation I was shocked to find out that the colon wall had burst and a large tumour was removed. I was 29 yrs old. A large section of my bowel had to be removed. 6 months of chemotherapy... That was 18 yrs ago. I feel so privileged, and lucky to still be here today, and watch my children grow up. I...

2111 views karen6566, Scotland - Tue, 13 May 2014


my questionnaire

hi guys not sure if you remember i was going to put up a questionnaire relating to living with bowel cancer, well the ethics was agreed and the questionnaires are ready, would appreciate all your help thanks catherine

5 replies , 2786 views Catherine, Caerphilly - Fri, 2 May 2014


Would love to hear from anyone who has a colon stent

i was diagnosed at whipps x hospital christmas 2012 with colon cancer. Told it was operable & a good place to join , but i needed a C/T scan which showed 2 lesions on the liver & 2 very small lesions on 1 lung. i was then told that as the lesions on the lung were very small they would liase with the london hospital who would operate on the liver, but i would need a pet scan, after which i was told there were cancerous lymph nodes,& i was now innoperable, & woud be referred to bart's for...

2785 views Eunie, north london - Fri, 29 Nov 2013


My story

I’d had rectal bleeding and unusual bowel habits for six to eight weeks before going to see my GP in 2008. I was 60 at the time. My GP gave me an internal examination but found nothing. Nonetheless, he was insistent that I see a specialist and made the call while I sat in his surgery, getting me an appointment for the very next day. I had a colonoscopy within the week and was diagnosed with stage III bowel cancer. I had a CT scan the next day, then an ultrasound for tumour staging. Six...

1 reply , 3468 views rong, Melbourne - Fri, 3 Jan 2014


Your experience of living with bowel cancer

Hi , I am a third year psychology student and am doing my 10,000 word dissertation on living with bowel cancer . I would appreciate your help in filling in a questionnaire. I am a year post op to having a tumour removed from my uterus . I am 44 yrs old and fingers crossed will pass my final year and fulfil my dreams of becoming a health psychologist

4 replies , 3475 views Catherine, Caerphilly - Sat, 19 Oct 2013


What were your first symptoms of bowel cancer?

We feel that people should know what symptoms to look out for. What first symptoms did you have that took you to see your doctor?

3 replies , 2581 views hf-editors, Tue, 24 Sep 2013

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