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Hello Everyone

I am a newbie. I have asthma and mild copd. Just wanted to say hi. x

6 replies , 3369 views hypercat, Devon - Fri, 12 Jun 2015


Tired all the time

Hello, does anyone else with COPD feel tired all the time? I'm finding myself sleeping every time I get a chance! i also get headaches in the mornings. Is this normal? Thanks!

2661 views Alan, United Kingdom - Thu, 28 May 2015


new member

Hello everyone, I am a new member but not new to lung diseases. I was born with bad lungs and have lived all my life short of breath. I have copd, asthma, bronchiactasis,pulmonary on 2 liters of oxygen 24/7. Its very frustrating for me trying to do day to day activeties but I do the best I can. I joined because I would like to make freinds with others going through the same thing. Others don't understand what we go through or how we feel. Any how looking forward to speaking with...

2930 views jackie1964, Wed, 25 Jun 2014


COPD living with Birds

Does anyone who has COPD have any issues living with Macaw Birds? many thanks Joanne

2874 views JoanneY85, Manchester - Tue, 27 May 2014


New Webinar Series for People with Lung Disease

PULMONARY WELLNESS & AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION OFFER WEBINAR SERIES FOR PEOPLE WITH LUNG DISEASE (New York City) As part of an effort to reach the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from lung disease, New York City’s Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Center in conjunction with the Better Breathers Club of the American Lung Association, have launched an online patient education initiative that includes live interactive lectures and town hall style question and answer sessions in an...

3244 views PulmonaryW, United States


always looking for new ideas and info

I've been on 02 for 17 years I Have had transtracael 02 for the past 9 years I find it much easier to deal with than the nasal cannula, It allows me to use 3 liters of oxygen instead of 5, I move around more freely with this method Its been a life saver to me. I hardley ever see anyone with TTO oxygen. I like visiting with Copd patients compairing notes to speak. Like ways you make this easier to deal with conserving energy ect. always looking for new ideas and info on lung problems . Thanks...

2371 views Kmmc, Wyoming - Fri, 6 Dec 2013


It's flu vaccine season again

Hi everyone, The practice nurse at my GP practice keeps pressuring me to have the flu vaccine. Last year I was unwell for a week or so after the jab. What is everyone else doing? Have you decided to have the flu jab this year?

4 replies , 3629 views Dave, Herts - Fri, 15 Nov 2013