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How can I clear mucus any tips?

Wondering if anyone can give me some tips for clearing mucus. I had a cough with green phlegm last week, so GP gave me a course of amox. Improved, but got worse yesterday so saw GP. Now on 40mg pred and stronger antibiotic. I can get air into my lungs ok and am not wheezing, but airway feels a bit like sandpaper and I have a lot of congestion. STeroids don't seem to have made a difference so far - on to day 2, is that normal? What can I do to ease chest? Taking Seretide and...

1945 views Darren, Enfield - Thu, 3 Nov 2016


Asthma tips to help

This is amazing news, Does anyone know of any other things that can help? I've read a lot on the internet but I would like to hear from people that actually have tested things out.

1172 views Emma, Enfield - Fri, 9 Sep 2016


Lip training for Asthma, the Japanese challenge

The Patakara Lip Trainer see is a lip exerciser with a benefit for asthma sufferers, see web page " weak lip closing strength causes oral breathing while sleeping and is also one of the reasons that cause asthma attacks." Then the text goes on to say "People who suffer from asthma, please note whether or not you nasal breathe while sleeping. If you do (not) nasal breathe, please be sure to use Patakara immediately." For another lip trainer (with detailed...

1931 views R.Friedel, Germany - Sun, 28 Dec 2014


Pre-Bronchial Pnemonia - Mild Asthma

My son was 14 and recently passed away on 2/14/14! The discussion I would like to have can I help prevent other teens from passing away that might be getting their "mild" asthma symptoms confused with an onset of bronchial/pnemonia symptons! He didn't quit feel good that day, but thought it was just his asthma acting up a little bit, so he ran 2 miles after school at soccer practice in 40 degree rainly weather. He passed out and got sick, and his inhaler would not of helped him.

1 reply , 2280 views michaelw, Sat, 11 Oct 2014



I have been taking my asthma pump like I should and my chest is still tight its not easing I know its not a panic attack because I am calm and I know what they are like as had them before can I have some advice as to what to do that will help without going up the hospital?

2096 views teresa, dartford - Mon, 3 Feb 2014



Hi my daughter is a lovely playfull 6 year old girl going on 30, There is no genetic asthma in my family or my gfs, We live in a first floor flat which our front room is above entrance into car park so a lot fumes get trapped and just rise.The boarding is terrible workmanship and a bird can fit in some the gaps.does anyone think that carbon monoxide could cause my daughters asthma as its strange we have 2 carbon monoxide alarms in the flat many thanks

4144 views norfolkn, United Kingdom - Thu, 12 Dec 2013


Researchers at KCL are seeking MEN with ASTHMA to help validating a food-related quality of life questionnaire. Please help to spread the word.

Researchers at King's College, London need help with validation of a food-related quality of life questionnaire. If you are MALE, AGED OVER 16 and have ASTHMA no matter how mild or severe and 15mins to spare please click the link.

3674 views lking1uk, United Kingdom - Thu, 28 Nov 2013


Smokefree legislation linked to drop in asthma admissions

There were 1,900 fewer emergency hospital admissions for asthma in England in each year after the country went smokefree, researchers have found. Alison Cox, Cancer Research UK's tobacco control lead, welcomed the news: "This should serve as a reminder of the wide range of diseases and conditions caused by tobacco use, and the 100,000 smoking-related deaths each year in the UK." Emily Humphreys, head of policy and public affairs at charity Asthma UK, pointed to statistics showing that...

4047 views hf-editors, Tue, 16 Apr 2013