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Trying for a baby

Hi I'm new here my partner and I are trying for a baby, I usually have heavy periods with clotting yet at the start of the month I had a fairly light one with no clots and have had another 3 weeks later a little heavier still with no clots, I was having pains which felt like menstrual pains inbetween these periods and my breasts have been tender and sore the whole way through. any ideas why?

1 reply , 1625 views shelly57, Herts Valley - Wed, 8 Feb 2017


bypass graft or stents?

Hi, I have just had an angiogram as a couple of months ago, I started getting chest pains and shortness of breath whilst walking my dog. It turns out I have one branch off my left coronary artery completely blocked and two others 90% and one on my right coronary artery 95%. Needless to say, I am a bit shocked and quite frightened by this, I am only 40 years old, but I do have type 1 diabetes and lost my left leg 4 years ago. I was told at my angiogram that the most likely procedure will be a...

1 reply , 1750 views jon, Herts Valley - Wed, 18 Jan 2017


Dementia or just old age?

Recently I have noticed some changes in my father. Mixing up words and mixing up names of people in our family and his character has also changed, he flies off the handle, accuses me of doing things like stealing. He has also started writing lists when going to the shop just to buy a few things. am I making something out of nothing? is this normal as you get older? or shall I seek help for him?

2 replies , 1832 views Rose1, Herts Valley - Fri, 30 Dec 2016



My doctor has asked me to start on this because my cholesterol is high. Is anybody on it and are you getting any problems on it? Not sure whether to take it.

2 replies , 1832 views BilliG, Fri, 18 Nov 2016


Robotic surgery for prostate cancer

I am trying to find out if anyone has had robotic surgery for prostate cancer and whether it was a success in regards to incontinence and erectile function. 

1367 views lee.g, Herts Valley - Mon, 14 Nov 2016


side-effects of Chemo ovarian Cancer

I'm doing ok just coming out other side of chemo five was a struggle. There is a pattern to the side-effects with Chemo. You get to know how your going to react and what side affects you will experience. It has also being my experience that the affects can be more pronounced with each cycle. What side effects do others have and how long did they take to go?

1 reply , 1763 views ella1, United Kingdom - Mon, 14 Nov 2016


What I Need to Know About About Prostate Biopsy

Hi could anyone tell me what to expect with a prostate Biopsy? is it painful!

1 reply , 1777 views Harly, Herts Valley - Tue, 8 Nov 2016



I've just found out my daughter has ADHD at 10 years old. Does anyone have any good advice. Like the following I have found online: Be honest with your child about ADHD Enforce rules and consequences calmly Don't overprotect your child

1 reply , 1757 views Lisa1, Herts Valley - Sat, 5 Nov 2016


Prostate advice, is a hard prostate always bad news?

Hello My partner has had an internal examination for a routine check and the Dr said his prostate felt 'hard' . He sent him for a PSA test and he has now been booked in for a consultant appointment in a couple of days. This is very quick so I am really worried. Is a 'hard' prostate always bad news? He is 60. Generally good health. Before this hadn't really noticed any particular symptoms other than he gets up once a night to use the loo when he didn't before and sometimes flow is...

1353 views Tata, Herts Valley - Tue, 1 Nov 2016


Tumour in my sigmoid colon

I've been having rectal bleeding for a while so eventually went to see my GP 18 months ago, she sent me for a colonoscopy. The hospital messed up my appointment twice and by the time they sent me a third I was too fed up to go. My symptoms however persisted so after 18 months my GP sent me back. My colonoscopy was not as minor as I had been told. I was on the table for almost 90 minutes, when I eventually got off the table I could hardly walk as it set my back problem off. The doctor...

1 reply , 1638 views Tom2, Enfield - Mon, 31 Oct 2016

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