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Ulcerative colltis

I started having symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis when I was in my mid 30's . I was having diarrhea all the time. I went to some Internal Medicine Doctors and they performed a lower GI and a Sigmoidoscopy. I think they told me I had IBS, which is Irritable Bowel Syndrome and then they told me to eat more fiber. They never performed a colonoscopy on me at the time. So, I was miserable, I gave up on doctors. I saw a Gastroenterologist and I had a colonoscopy and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative...

1509 views Jen45, Enfield - Fri, 27 Jan 2017


alcohol & Anxiety

Here we go yet again impending doom,racing negative thoughts,lack of sleep and paranoia. what a way to start off the new year in bed for a few days a nervous wreck! I've been telling myself last night was the last time but ive been telling myself that for ten years now.i had family round last night and the majority of them dont drink so i know i must've made a fool out of myself because i cant remember anything after about the 12th can and then i went on to the spirits.my uncle is a recovering...

2228 views NONE, Enfield - Thu, 12 Jan 2017


Menopause too early after having cervical cancer

I've Just found out that I am going through the menopause. The doctor thought it was my B12 that was low with my symptoms but blood tests confirmed it. So 3yrs after being diagnosed my ovaries packed in. Anyone else going through it 10 years too early? I've not had any meds sorted yet as they want to do my bloods again in 4 weeks but the symptoms are getting worse especially with work and family life.

1 reply , 2239 views Kimmy.w, Enfield - Mon, 2 Jan 2017


found a very small lump on right breast

Hi I have just recently found a lump in my right breast roughly about the size of a pea. My right breast has also shrunk dramatically in size and the area where the lump is is quite tender. I also have a lump around the same size in my armpit and have had some strange nipple discharge. I was just wondering what other women's symptoms were and how there initial experiences were when dealing with the possibility of breast cancer. I have 2 children so I am extremely nervous incase it is something...

2284 views CherryD, Enfield - Wed, 16 Nov 2016


Disability allowance

I am newly diagnosed Stage IV. I guess I am extremely lucky as I was found to have two small lesions in the sacrum and ilium by accident. Now just to add to my drama, my boss calls me to tell me our whole division got laid off on day 4 of my radiation. Luckily I Was already on short term disability thru work so I wasn't caught up in the lay off. I am on STD - short term disability for 28 weeks. Then wilL HOPEFULLY go onto LTD So my question is : Do you think I can qualify for LONG term...

2307 views Cat21, Enfield - Mon, 14 Nov 2016


food guilt

hi guys, I started my recovery almost 4 years from nearly dying from anorexia. I'm 4 years 4 months free from self harm.. Only relapsed once But the question i'm struggling with is why do i feel guilty for eating certain foods, I want to be as healthy as possible so just carbs, fruit, protein etc.. But I wanted chocolate so i ate it, i feel guilty like i shouldn't be eaten it. Does it ever end? I've travelled alone, learnt another language and i'm struggling with chocolate.. Coco...

2318 views Kimmy.w, Enfield - Thu, 10 Nov 2016


lower back pain

Trying to figure out if someone may have same symptoms that I do. I'm in my late 30's and for the past 4 years have not been able to have my lower back touched. I have always just associated it with having epidurals during my pregnancy. (Had 3 back to back because they wouldn't work). My back was fine otherwise. Its really getting me down as I have 2 children one whos a menace that I chase around a lot.

2261 views CherryD, Enfield - Mon, 7 Nov 2016


does my child have ASD and where do i go for help?

Hi im new to this site and need advice. I have a son who is nearly four now . He is having trouble talking and toilet training.  He has attended a hearing test today and it has been discovered he has a middle ear problem which is under review.  Since birth he has been difficult, with difficulty settling him and he's very demanding.  We have made excuses "he's only a baby" or "terrible 2's" but as he is due to start school in September these excuses are running out.  he has limited social skills...

1444 views CherryD, Enfield - Mon, 7 Nov 2016


Good hospital to have a baby

Can anyone recommend a good NHS ante-natal clinic in Enfield. I am 10 weeks pregnant and need to register with a clinic.

1 reply , 1807 views Sophi, Enfield - Sat, 5 Nov 2016


just diagnosed with diabetes

I was just diagnosed last week with diabetes. My drive to work was tough as my vision was blurry. At this point, wearing my glasses in worse than not wearing them. I was already having difficult seeing close up with glasses due to my age, but now it is impossible to see close up. Once this is all under control, will my vision be "ok"? I really don't want permanent eye damage if I can avoid it. Thank you.

2199 views barryM, Enfield - Mon, 31 Oct 2016

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