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Thanks to Derwent Medical Centre in Whetstone

I'd like to say that this is a small medical centre but they seem to care for thier patients. I had a blood test and had a dr's appointment booked but they called me with the result within a few days and reassured me things were fine. With my previous medical centre no one called you with results and you had to make several calls before they would put you through to someone just to tell you your results are ok. Well done Derwent staff!

1337 views carl, barnet - Mon, 13 Jun 2016


Adult and community learning

I recently came across a flyer which Islington are promting. They are running a half day workshop on: eating well and a free cookbook increase your physical activity, reduce stress and looking after your heart. The workshop is free for all the islington residents and it would be so nice if something similar can be set for Barnet Residents.

1322 views Nia, United Kingdom - Mon, 6 Jun 2016


health retreat

can anyone recommend a good health retreat in Europe. I wanted to go for 5 to 6 nights for detox and generally re-jeuvenate. There are so many out there and would be really nice to know if someone has had a good experience. I was looking at the SHA clinic in Spain but its very expensive and more for mediacl reasons not just for detox. Any suggestions really welcome.

2 replies , 1727 views KalpnaP, United Kingdom - Fri, 3 Jun 2016


Group for vegetarians and vegans

Hello everyone. I live in High Barnet and have recently turned vegetarian. I have joined a group that meets in central London. It would be nice to meet locally on a weekday for a vegeterian/vegan meal. Anyone else in Barnet who is vegeterian/vegan and wants to form a meetup group?

1271 views carl, barnet - Fri, 3 Jun 2016


Why its impossible to actually be a vegetarian

Fabulous article, welcome your thoughts http://theconversation.com/why-its-impossible-to-actually-be-a-vegetarian-55806

1322 views KalpnaP, United Kingdom - Mon, 9 May 2016


Juicing is a health risk, say experts

How Nutribullet smoothies could leave you feeling like you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. • Juicing is the practice of liquidising fruit and vegetables into drinks • Gwyneth Paltrow and Duchess of Cambridge both rumoured to be fans • But some people are unable to digest the sugars in fruit and vegetables • There has been a rise in number of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers and culprit could be excessively healthy eating Does anyone feel the same? http://www.dailymail.co.

1352 views KalpnaP, United Kingdom - Mon, 9 May 2016


TMJ pain, jaw clicking, jaw pain!

I have been diagnosed with TMJ but I haven’t had any scans of my jaw or any investigations into it, I have been given a night guard for my teeth to stop me grinding or clenching my jaw at night and told to do some jaw exercises which haven’t helped so far. It just seems to get better and then worse again. Has anyone had TMJ and cured it? If so how? Or is this a lifelong issue I’m going to have to deal with. Thanks in advance.

1340 views NinaA10, london - Mon, 18 Apr 2016


Has sons gf got depression

Wledhere to start. Let son's gf move in 3 weeks ago. She moved up from Bristol to us in Hampshire. Her family are hard work and she feels she is only needed when she gets paid. We let her move in earlier than scheduled because of difficulties at home. My son has had a massive knee op so can't work just yet. She is trying to have her job as a cleaner transferred and her mum has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Gf is clearly not in a good place right now and I understand as my dad has...

1 reply , 1956 views hazel3603, United Kingdom - Fri, 1 Apr 2016

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burnt toast

Warning over 'burnt toast chemical' acrylamide’s cancer risk

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