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Dementia medication

My elderly father with dementia has been on donepezil for a couple of years. I haven't seen any improvement in his dementia at all - it's got worse. I am thinking of stopping it. Has anyone else found dementia medication works for their elderly relative?

1231 views Nila, Sat, 20 Aug 2016


Care homes in Barnet

I am looking for a small care home in the Barnet area which is fairly homely and personal for my elderly father who has dementia. Can anyone make any recommendations please?

1285 views Nila, Wed, 3 Aug 2016


Breast cancer group

Hello all. I am a happy survivor and would love to support and talk to other women who are going through this or have been through it. So much to talk about.

1 reply , 1760 views Linda60, Barnet - Sat, 30 Jul 2016


Patients to be deleted from GP surgery lists if they dont visit for 5 years.

I was wondering what people think of this article. Healthy pateints will be removed from their GP's surgery list if they have not had an appointment in five years. I have not visted my partcice in the last five years and this cost cutting exerscies could also leave elderly and vulnerable people deprived of primary care.

1314 views Nia, United Kingdom - Tue, 26 Jul 2016


Barnet General Hospital

Many of you are calling and asking for the contact details of Barnet General Hospital. We have given them below: Barnet General Hospital Wellhouse Lane, Barnet EN5 3DJ Phone: 020 8216 4600 If you have a non-urgent health concern you may want to ask one of NHS medical consultants for advice. It's all FREE of charge to you. Please click the green tab Ask An Expert at the top of this page to see all our consultants and experts. Hope this helps.

1408 views hf-editors, Wed, 13 Jul 2016



The season for pick your own has arrived! PYO farms offer a fun way for the whole family to get fresh and better quality fruit and vegetables at a good price. In Enfield and Barnet you have: Parkside Farm Hadley Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 8LA If you have any recipes for smoothies or other fun local things to do please post them here.

1326 views Janet, United Kingdom - Fri, 1 Jul 2016


When malignant melanoma is removed

I had a mole and in 2011, it recd the most sun exposure. I only saw it once in awhile due to it being located on my spine area. Until it was poking out and had white crust, I then saw a dermatologist who removed it. I believe he aggravated it after removing and it's spreading. The tumor was T4b NX MX considered stage IIc or more. Has anyone felt pressure on the area?

1402 views chaunceynd, Barnet - Tue, 28 Jun 2016


Recommendation for an ante-natal clinic in Barnet

I am pregnant with my first baby and don't know hospitals in the area so well. I am looking at Barnet Genera, Edgware and Whittington. Has anybody got any personal recommendations?

1370 views Jen, Barnet - Mon, 27 Jun 2016


Have you come across a lovely doctor, nurse or health professional in Barnet?

Spread the love and name the health professional that gave you or your family a good care experience on this thread. They can be a ward nurse, district nurse, GP, hospital doctor or any clinician, NHS or private. HealthFriends will pass your compliment to the health professional concerned who will value your positive feedback.

2 replies , 1811 views hf-editors, Wed, 22 Jun 2016


Meningitis B vaccination in Edgware

My child is just outside the age range of the NHS Men B vaccination programme. Does any one know where we can get it done privately in Edgware or in the Barnet area?

1 reply , 1843 views Louise, Barnet - Tue, 21 Jun 2016

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