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food guilt

hi guys, I started my recovery almost 4 years from nearly dying from anorexia. I'm 4 years 4 months free from self harm.. Only relapsed once But the question i'm struggling with is why do i feel guilty for eating certain foods, I want to be as healthy as possible so just carbs, fruit, protein etc.. But I wanted chocolate so i ate it, i feel guilty like i shouldn't be eaten it. Does it ever end? I've travelled alone, learnt another language and i'm struggling with chocolate.. Coco...

1922 views Kimmy.w, Enfield - Thu, 10 Nov 2016


Binge eating and exercise

Life is hard... eat some more... no friends watch more tv n stay at home when Im supposed to gym...

2376 views alfredo, Paris - Mon, 2 Mar 2015


Self help book

Hello everyone, Just wondering whether anyone has read the book 'life without ed' from Jenni Schaefer? I have found this really interesting and helpful in looking at my anorexia in a different way, helping me to push forward into recovery. Hope your are all staying strong :)

1935 views Lilyana, Mon, 29 Sep 2014