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From Hiv to Anal Cancer

Just want to start by saying, Hello I'm Calvin Nokes from Alexandria. Va and I'm glad to be here well I was diagnosed hiv+ in Dec 8, 1988 a day I will never forget but by God's Grace I'm still here considered by many a long term survivor and I have lost a many friends and I'm still here I have had pneumonia several times and on July 2009 I was diagnosed with anal cancer and all I knew about this cancer was one of my favorite actresses died of this same cancer about a month before, She died on...

1 reply , 1941 views Censation, Alexandria, Virginia


hiv and arv's

Hi I would like to know what is the danger of having unprotected sex it both parties are on treatment living 2gether ? What is da damage? How bad it is? I am just curious

2 replies , 2072 views brown, Wed, 7 May 2014