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Autism Behavios. What we have done/do to help our son.


BeckySwann - Female, 30 - 40, Wisconsin

Wisconsin - Thu, 23 May 2013

With behaviors and Autistic children in general.. The following are somethings that I have learned through out the years that have helped us and my son cope and stop unsavory behaviors.

1.) Weighted vests come in really handy to help calm down ASD Kids. Think of it as giving them a hug. It's for security. It always helped calm our son down.

2.) Also, ever think of using a sock to calm down your child? Very simple and ready at hand. Just place a longer (crew) sock over your childs hand..

3.) Massage therapy. I often massage my sons head, hands, legs and shoulders.. Helps him to be able to sit and relax on the couch with me.

4.) My son used to play with himself. He also paid no attention to who was around or even where he was at the time.. We'd always automatically look at his.. "physical condition" before we opened the door, went anywhere ( also, constantly looked to make sure his Penis was safely tucked away, lol) We even had to install mini blinds and make sure our neighbors didn't get an eye full also. ANYWAY, what we did is put a "chewy" on a string and hang it around his neck (it hung down to cover his crotch). This way, searching hands find a toy that is fine to play with in public.. He also was able to chew on it, which has always been an extreme necessity with him. Maybe, if your child bites himself or others, give him a chewy to bite instead?

5.) He also has no concept of danger. He'd purposely break free of me and take of at a dead run. SCARY! So, we'd tie a rope to his belt loop and mine. Short rope.. you don't want them to get a good run and pull you over. Also, we always held his hand. Now, it's automatic and he no longer runs, or even tries to.

6.) RED means STOP! Don't hesitate to put up a barrier in your yard and tie red hankies around it.. You don't necessarily need a 6 ft high wood fence.. we basically used tobacco laths and string..This worked great for us.... It was very make shift.. But he learned to respect that boundary.

7.) Also, when disciplining. The more "sensory " you can make ANYTHING with dealing with your child is key. When he bit.. We'd kneel down to his level ( eye level) look him straight in the eye.. gently place my fingers over his lips and say " no bite". If he is scratching? Same thing, get down to his eye level. Take both his hands in yours and say " no scratch". We need to keep our wording simple. They do not understand our emotions/facial expressions..

8.) EXERCISE; Use a treadmill or stationary bike. This will help refocus negative energy and keep him more calm. Also, most ASD kids need extra physical therapy. Two birds, one stone ;)

When my son was first diagnosed with Autism.. we were at a loss and just blankly looked at her.. She said think of it as this.. A waitress, carrying a tray. As stress happens that tray begins to fill up with glasses.. With out any way of relieving that stress. The tray get's too heavy and it falls.. When that tray falls.. you have a "Melt Down". This has been the most common sense way I have heard in describing what it's like for them. The secret is trying to identify the stressors ( and try to prevent or minimize them) while finding away to get rid of the stress, once it starts building up.

I don't know if this just pertains to my son, or to all or many of you. With my son. His mind cannot focus on just one thing and let everything else fade into the back ground.. Think about this.. Inside your house, Mom's in the kitchen doing dishes.. so he hears water, clinking and maybe Mom is humming. The T.V is on, so all t hose pictures and sounds are coming at him too. Maybe Dad is on the computer. Brother is playing a video game. Sister is talking on the phone .. Dog is eating, tail wagging.. Someone is mowing their yard.. He has all these things coming at him at once. He can't simply focus on any one thing.. Which is why our children do not do well with crowds.. It's too much sensory input. They do not have a way to minimize that input .. its all at once, all the time! Can you imagine how terrible that would be?? Maybe after reading this it sheds some light on behaviors or meltdowns and why they occur.

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sharada - Female, mysore,karnataka

mysore,karnataka - Fri, 6 Jun 2014

Hi! I the mom of a 27yr old boy with mild autism.he has been responding very well with music & is calmer after doing breathing exercises & yoga postures. you can also try visual cards showing the activity you want him to do. autistic children respond well with Visual communication. you may try making your son listen to calming instrumental music in ear phones. I make my son sit for meditation for sometime. have you recognised your son's sensory needs. If so you have to plan for a sensory diet for him. my son speaks & he is able to express himself to some extent. we are also facing difficulty when we take him out & on long journeys. sometimes he repeats a lot & shouts.he also becomes violent .we have to be alert & be prepared for his mood swings. We try to be patient . have you tried keeping a pet for your son. people say they are very comfortable with animals & calms them down.
I hope you find some of my suggestions useful.

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