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Pre-Bronchial Pnemonia - Mild Asthma


michaelw -

Sun, 8 Jun 2014

My son was 14 and recently passed away on 2/14/14! The discussion I would like to have can I help prevent other teens from passing away that might be getting their "mild" asthma symptoms confused with an onset of bronchial/pnemonia symptons! He didn't quit feel good that day, but thought it was just his asthma acting up a little bit, so he ran 2 miles after school at soccer practice in 40 degree rainly weather. He passed out and got sick, and his inhaler would not of helped him. His heart stopped. What I want to do is find away to help other "mild asthma" teens realize, if you don't feel quite right, please don't be embarrassed...go to the nurse. After almost 3 months, we just found out the results! Thank you for listening. I want to raise awareness in honor of my son to help others.

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Debilkk -

Virgin Islands, U.S. - Sat, 11 Oct 2014

This is a great idea.

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