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alcohol & Anxiety


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Enfield - Thu, 12 Jan 2017

Here we go yet again impending doom,racing negative thoughts,lack of sleep and paranoia. what a way to start off the new year in bed for a few days a nervous wreck! I've been telling myself last night was the last time but ive been telling myself that for ten years now.i had family round last night and the majority of them dont drink so i know i must've made a fool out of myself because i cant remember anything after about the 12th can and then i went on to the spirits.my uncle is a recovering alcoholic and it must've given him a boost to see the mess i was in. im going to see my gp later on in the week when i can face going outdoors and ask him to change my medication because im sure this fluoxitine is making my anxiety worse.i know its the drinking what is doing it but since ive been on these meds its gotten worse its about the seventh different a.d ive tried over the years allways 6 monthly bouts to make sure theyre not working.im also asking him about this selincro ive been advised on numerous times because i dont think i will ever be fully tee total so i at least need to control it somehow.i feel worse each time i have a bender and at some point i will have gone too far and im going to crack up i wouldnt wish this anxiety on my worst enemy its hell. i try to tell myself ill get through it again but while im going through it its none relenting mental torture over absoloutely nothing. why can i not be normal and just get headache like everyone else!!!!!!!

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