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does my child have ASD and where do i go for help?


CherryD - Enfield

Enfield - Mon, 7 Nov 2016

Hi im new to this site and need advice. I have a son who is nearly four now . He is having trouble talking and toilet training.  He has attended a hearing test today and it has been discovered he has a middle ear problem which is under review.  Since birth he has been difficult, with difficulty settling him and he's very demanding.  We have made excuses "he's only a baby" or "terrible 2's" but as he is due to start school in September these excuses are running out.  he has limited social skills he always appears on the outside of his peers at pre-school.  He has a very volatile temper which is he looses very quickly and for often minor issues.  He is very clingy to me.  He sleep walks.  He can be particularly violent to his sister who is 5 punching and kicking her.  He is constantly putting things in his mouth ie., the seat belt in the car and chewing the sofa and money.  Sleep has been an issue he never sleeps though the whole night either waking or sleep walking.  We have just started a new routine which is working well to get him to sleep where he is left with a particular book (it must be the same one each night) and I go back and check on him until he has fallen asleep. Because of his behaviour and constant activity we at first wondered if he might be hyperactive however having researched ASD we are now seeing more links with his behaviour.  We have a daughter who was no trouble to bring up . I know children are all different , but i grew up in a massive family and have never seen anyone like him. I was told to look into ASD as two people who have seen him and have children with ASD said they think he has it ,and now the childrens bladder and bowel nurse has said it to. We want to help him but have no idea the best way to do this . Any advice , tips or even an opinion would be really helpful. If you have a child like him that would be ideal . 

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