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breast cancer help!


Janet - Female, 50 - 60

United Kingdom - Sat, 8 Oct 2016

I found a couple lumps on my left side on the bottom of the breast and had those looked at around April 2016 and was told it was probably from my underwire bra or fibrocystic. Then I found a lump not on my breast but just below my left breast just below the bra line. It started out pea sized and is now about almond size. Over the past 6+ months I have thought it was a pimple or something else. I have had itching, pain, discharge on my left nipple but did not go in as I thought the Dr would push me off again . Over this past weekend not only did I notice that the lump got bigger but that it is now discolored on that part of the skin but no place else. It is hard and does not move. I have an appointment today this afternoon and I am going to push for an ultra sound and removal and biopsy. My gut is telling me this is something more but I am praying it is not. No history of breast cancer in my family but my material uncle has 3 different types of cancer currently and had beat cancer when he was younger.
I am mum to 3 very busy kids ages 16, 12 & 11, I work full time and helper to my parents who are in their 70's. My mum had a stroke in May 2015 and my dad is her primary caregiver and I am their back up to help with their house, shopping, making my mum's Dr appointments, etc.
Scared and worried but trying not to be.

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