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Thufela - Barnet

Barnet - Wed, 29 Jun 2016

My son has had reflux since he was 4 weeks old. He is now 2years and 2 months old and is still on ranitidine 2.5ml twice a day. I've tried on many occasions to reduce the doses gradually, but I find that he's appetite reduces to a point where he wants to eat but he vomits.

I don't understand why the relax hasn't resolved and why the doctors don't seem concerned that he's been on ranitidine for the past two years.

Is there anything else I should consider?

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Yiannis -

United Kingdom - Wed, 6 Jul 2016

Dear Thufela,
I have posted a reply for you in my Q and A page within health friends. I hope you find this general advice helpful and please do get in touch if you need any further assistance. Kind regards Dr Yiannis

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hf-editors -

Wed, 29 Jun 2016

Dear Thufela,

We are sorry that your son's reflux hasn't resolved. Thank you for your question which we have posted on our consultant paediatrician Dr Yiannis' Q and A page, a link to which is given below. He will respond to your question within 5 working days.

All the best.

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