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Trauma and Stress Q&A session, 30th April 2014

Stress and Depression

Your questions on stress answered by consultant psychologist Dr Melinda Rees.

Our expert - Dr Melinda Rees

Dr Rees specialises in primary care mental health work with more complex and enduring end of presentations, particularly with histories of trauma. She has worked in mental health in the NHS for 20 years, before that she worked in clinical research. Dr Rees has also worked in mental health in the third sector, both in the UK and abroad. She is the consultant and clinical psychologist and clinical lead manager of the Islington iCope service in the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, London.

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My partner suffers with serious depression. I am looking for advise, I am wondering what things I can do to help him feel like he is coping and that he is not alone. Any tips on what I can do to help? Thanks.

1 reply , 304 views slednor, Hertfordshire - Thu, 22 May 2014


Severe Depression

Hi, I have been suffering terrible depression and anxiety episodes for the last ten years..I've been prescribed nearly every anti-depressant on the market. My problem is I never know when it's coming which is scary..No emotional episode triggers it so no counsellor or Psych Doc has been able to help me. I am very lucky in life as I have a lot of things many other people don't. But somedays it is impossible to get out of the house. I am a very educated person and I know without a doubt that...

1 reply , 362 views Alsy, South - Wed, 21 May 2014



Iv had anxiety for years thinking it will get better i didn't seek help however now its gotten to the point i cant leave my home without someone being with me which triggered depression as my home now feels more like a prison, i cant really talk face to face with people i don't know so going to the doctors is kind of a big problem just wondering if anyone knows any other way i can get help as its not really a life worth living when your stuck at home by yourself all day nearly every day

1 reply , 266 views chaz, Hampshire - Wed, 21 May 2014


Mental Health

certain places I visit bring back painful memories in my mind that keeps me stuck from moving forward and tearful. What is the reason for this please?

1 reply , 217 views Courage, Birmingham - Mon, 19 May 2014


stress and depression

I have been feeling very depressed lately and everything that happens is exaggerated in my mind and I get stressed out and panicky . I have thought about killing myself a few times and broke down when I think about my children . I am so desperate for professional help but all I ever get is pills

1 reply , 354 views celina, paddington .west london . - Tue, 6 May 2014



i was wondering if any body coulod help me, i have been on citalopram, prozac , and mitrazepam, the last were truly awful and gave me the most terrible anger issues and restless legs in bed, am now on 50g setraline, and am much better with regards to the depression and have actually laughed again !! but , and this is really getting me down, i cant sleep with them , my mind is wide awake, and jumps all over the place, i am in a catch 22 situatution , i dont want to stop the setraline as they...

1 reply , 272 views low21, wales - Sun, 4 May 2014



Regarding treatment of refractory major depression, do you favor ketamine? And when can we expect ketamine to be offered as an alternative to ECT?

1 reply , 252 views Susan44, United States - Sat, 26 Apr 2014


Depression I think

Hi, I'm not sure if anyone can help, my husband appear to have stages of I think being depressed. He appears to not enjoy things he used to ie exercise, family life, he becomes distant and almost unresponsive to family life, this has happened for many years on and off, he then becomes violent what I find frightening is last week he pinned me against the wall, and while he is assaulting me I have seen no sign of emotion in his face, unfortunatly our daughter saw his actions and this was her...

1 reply , 374 views Reds, United Kingdom - Tue, 22 Apr 2014

lickey loo

Depression with anxiety

My panic attacks are getting worse now that I am on new medication. Is there any coping techniques that work to help relieve them as Im starting to get so poorly with them that I nearly pass out with not being able to breath? this all seems to be worse at night time also.

1 reply , 283 views lickey loo, Loughborough - Mon, 21 Apr 2014


Stress levels

Hi, I've noticed that since my partner left me I am feeling stressed out all the time. I feel irritable with my family, I'm not enjoying my job and I have no interest in going out with my friends. I find it hard to relax as my brain is doing overtime about everything. I'm scared i might actually be depressed, but don't know how to recognise the difference between stress and depression, and whether it will get worse. I don't want people to think I'm being weak so I don't talk to friends about it.

1 reply , 326 views Jack, United Kingdom - Thu, 17 Apr 2014


Advice please

I was bullied in high school for being over weight I then be came a self harmer and a chronic liar I couldn't control my self I found my self turning to crack at the age of 14 I lost touch with my friends I did have and started chasing after a bloke who now has turned out to be the father of my kids and I can't stand him I absolutely hate him all he does is tell me how bad of a person I am how fat I am how much of a bad mother I am and I can't take another night of crying my self to sleep I...

1 reply , 305 views Ady22, Fri, 11 Apr 2014

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