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Psychiatry - mental health in older people

Psychiatry - mental health in older people

Dr Claudia Cooper answers your questions on mental health matters particularly in old age.

Our expert - Dr Claudia Cooper Consultant Psychiatry

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Claudia is currently working as a consultant in old age psychiatry in London. Claudia has a special interest in:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Vascular dementia
  • Complex mental health problems in the elderly

In 2005 Claudia worked in the research department UCH Division of Psychiatry. She is an honorary consultant in old age psychiatry with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, currently working in the Camden Memory Service and Islington Care home Liaison Service.

Claudia studied medicine at Southampton University, graduating in 1998, after which she did her postgraduate training in psychiatry in North London.

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Hello Dr Cooper. My mother has been on Donepezil for about 1 year and there is no difference in her dementia and in fact i think it is getting worse. Should i ask my GP to stop it? I have heard of anther mediation which helps people with dementia. What do you think of this and should i ask my GP for my mother.

1 reply , 4 views Vicky55, United Kingdom - Thu, 23 Jun 2016


Mental Health

Hi Doctor Cooper, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions i have about mental illness? can alcohol cause mental illness? can animals have mental illness? I'm thinking about my cat, sorry of this is not relevant. My sister is Bipolar - Is this illness hereditary? can chemotherapy cause mental illness? My sister, who is bipolar had Leukemia when she was young and i'm wondering if all the treatment has resulted in her Bipolar disorder? Thanks for your help Gee

2 replies , 10 views guydee79, Barnet - Thu, 23 Jun 2016

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