Code of conduct

HealthFriends is not a pre-moderated forum. Our policy is to keep intervention to a minimum and let the conversation flow. We do have moderators, but their job is to only remove postings that are obscene, contain personal attacks or break the law.

We do have a few discussion rules to make sure we keep HealthFriends a good place to visit and interact with other people. In short our rules include:

General courtesies

We'd appreciate it if you could use the same courtesy when posting discussions on HealthFriends as you would use when speaking to someone face to face. Bear in mind those experiencing difficult health issues –these people need your help, encouragement and moral support.

Post deletions

We encourage free speech but we will remove posts we consider to contain personal attacks, to break the law and/or to be obscene, racist, sexist, disablist or homophobic. (Please note that any subsequent posts repeating the words in the deleted post may then be deleted, too.)

Remember, we do not pre-moderate posts. We rely on our members to let us know about any posts that break our guidelines.

The quickest way to let us know about a post (or thread) that you think should be deleted is to report it. You do this by clicking on the 'Alert moderator' link to the right of the post in question.

We look at every reported post as soon as we possibly can.

Posting links and spamming

We have no problem with people posting the odd link to other sites that other posters might find useful or helpful. But we will delete anyone's attempts to "spam" our discussions with links, as a way of promoting their own site, product, blog, survey or petition, as it annoys our members. If you'd like to know more about promoting your product on HealthFriends, please read about our advertising opportunities.

Trolls and troublemakers

As we hope you've already found out, the vast majority of HealthFriends discussions are genuinely informative, supportive and friendly. However, do bear in mind that it's possible there are "trolls" lurking on the site for whom friendly supportive chat is definitely not on the agenda. A troll is someone who poses as someone else in order to stir up trouble and fulfil their own perverted agenda.

If you suspect someone of being a troll, please don't trollhunt (accuse them publicly on the discussion thread of being a troll). If you're wrong, you could cause untold hurt; if you're right, you'll merely be giving them just the kind of attention they're after.

Instead, please report your suspicions to us (either by reporting a post of theirs or by mailing us at and we'll check them out.