About us

HealthFriends was created by healthcare professionals who recognise the challenges facing people when it comes to improving their health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and ensuring their emotional wellbeing.

Our mission is to empower you with knowledge and support that will enable you to stay healthy physically, emotionally and psychologically and make the best decisions about your healthcare.

Whether you are looking for advice on how to cope with a specific condition or simply want to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, HealthFriends is the place to come for information you can trust and to make new friends who share your health concerns and interests.

Being well is about more than just being free from illness, it is about feeling your best so you can enjoy life to the full and make the most of life.

The here and now

When you are unwell HealthFriends is the helping hand that will guide you through the healthcare system, helping you to become more engaged with clinical decisions and allowing you to take ownership of your health choices.

HealthFriends unique, local Q&A sessions provide you with direct access to healthcare experts and professionals near you who can answer your questions and offer information and options for treatment and care available in your locality.

HealthFriends also offers daily news, advice, support and the chance to chat to a network of other people who share your interests or condition.

Anyone who is interested health and wellbeing can benefit from joining HealthFriends. Whether you're coping with a particular condition, want to improve your health, want to support a loved one, or find support as a carer, or seek a way to raise awareness about a local health campaign, HealthFriends is here for you.

How can HealthFriends help?

In the near future

We plan to provide online private support groups where you can connect with other local people who share your interests or condition, for example you might chat with other mums, set up a running group, network with other carers in your area or coordinate a campaign to give your community a stronger voice when it comes to influencing your local hospital, GP Practices and other health services or even your CCG's commissioning decisions.

We also intend to develop online neighbourhoods of support that would connect residents in a single street or tower block, for example, to create a 'micro community'. These communities can provide a valuable way for neighbours to offer mutual support. For example, HealthFriends could help people to organise a rota to share tasks, such as doing shopping for the elderly, pooling transport for hospital trips, or working to improve a local green space. It is your work that will improve the lives of the frail and vulnerable in your area.

By creating these unique communities HealthFriends wants to put the power back into your hands and put caring back into our communities.

Make your new HealthFriends today.