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Newby help please.


beleive -

Wed, 7 May 2014

can u talk about add or adhd. I have never been able to remember what I was reading and in class lectures I still found myself daydreaming. my mother has always complained that I Never stick to anything ever. I admit and know myself that I cannot focus on anything for long.. I just can't. do u think it is possible that all these years struggling in school starting around grade 5.. that I have add??? can anyone help?? I amalso very forgetful and unorganized .what should I do ??? To get help.

always..n jumping from here to there...especially essays... is torture for me to get my thoughts organized :(((

I reread old letter to my,boyfriend and I was embarrassed poorly my ideas are just all over. :(

I just thought of another oddball behavior... I can't stand TV. I don't understand TV. it is a total bore to Me. but I will sometimes watch it to kinvda fit in at times. but I a think its dumb.

I dunno. one thing in life is I Wish more than anything I could complete a diploma. :,( I have been to college and 3 out of 4 diplomas or certificates I haven't finished. my ability to stay interested and concentrate sux.. I have 4 children and feel Like a failure. tearing up already. I would like Dr to see if he can help my concentration and focus and motivation.

my grade in highschool average about 60%
when I try my hardest extremely hard I can achieve 70!

but is very stressful and astronomical amount of time

One more thought..I also only read 1 novel in highschool. I would try but could never remember anything. So I bought Coles notes.

And skipped out on all speeches as I could not memorize.

can anyone help?

Does this sound like add?

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mikey1489 - Male, 50 - 60, wisconsin

wisconsin - Thu, 28 May 2015

Yep it is not fun. Mindfulness is found to help most even if not adhd. If class offered in your area or seminar on it check it out. I am persueing it now for myself and my children.

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Mindmess -

Wed, 6 May 2015

I have yet to be diagnosed but I think I have Add.If it's any consolation I got to grammar school, don't know what USA equivalent.I failed all my exams.I rush things,I write poems in under a minute shave in about 1 minute,Yet when I sit down at home I do not want to appear lazy.I need to be told what to do.I did manage to pass a few exams later and even s minor teaching qualification .i ruminate constantly .its took me 51 years to hopefully come to the right conclusion re my problem

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