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Catheter Ablation


KenT - Male, 60 - 70, Stanley , County Durham

Stanley , County Durham - Wed, 30 Oct 2013

I am on the " waiting list " for the above procedure. When asked by my cardiologist if I wanted this procedure I responded with an honest answer saying yes rather than taking the medications. Since then I have seen one or two negative statements regarding ablation and wonder if anyone else has these doubts about this procedure.

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celast - Male, Over 70, Cheshire

Cheshire - Sun, 16 Nov 2014

Can you tell me how long after cardio version can you leave hospital ?

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Michael.D - Male, Formally East London. Now emigrated to Central Scotland.

Formally East London. Now emigrated to Central Scotland. - Thu, 19 Jun 2014

I had my 2nd ablation only last Friday. The 1st one was 18 months ago. I ended up back in hospital twice (once under blues & twos) within 10 days of the 1st procedure, as they gave me electric shock treatment and jogged and juggled with my medication, to stabilise me.
My rhythm remained unstable, usually fast, until the cardiologist at Barts suggested we had another go.
I'm glad I did because, so far, my heart has completely settled and I am feeling so much better.
I was puzzled by the fact that for the 1st ablation, I had a general anisthetic. But for the 2nd, I can recall being conscious throughout the entire procedure!

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maryt631 - Cumbria

Cumbria - Sun, 4 May 2014

Ive had three ablation procedures in past few years. I started having AF again about three years ago and take amiodarone to regulate this. I'm going back to see the cardiologist on Tuesday at Freemans and see what the next step is. My own gp thinks pacemaker may be the answer.

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rubydolly - Female, Under 20

United Kingdom - Sat, 1 Feb 2014

Hi I had an ablation on Tuesday, my consultant explained it all to me including risks. I thought it was worth it as my a/f was getting worse every two weeks lasting between 6 and 8 hours terrifies me....
I'm home now tired and as explained a few flutters but all expected after ablation, my consultant told me it was a complete success, so I can only hope and look forward

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KenT - Male, 60 - 70, Stanley , County Durham

Stanley , County Durham - Thu, 31 Oct 2013

Hi there , when my consultant explained what the risks were during the ablation procedure he mentioned that the chances of killing me were 1 in a thousand , the risk of stroke were 1 in five hundred and risk of something else happening were 1 in three hundred. That was quite scary and as you say there is certainly no guarantee it will work the first time and another ablation or more may be needed, it's a difficult decision and one not to be taken lightly anyway I do hope you get sorted soon. Take care,

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rach68 - Female

India - Wed, 30 Oct 2013

I also want to go thru this since i also dont want to take medi but my ep says that the procedure has a low success rate and a high complication rate and its never a success a first time. ppl use need anothe one to get it under control , then also no guarantee.

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