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Should I consider Ablation?

kenn baron

kenn baron -

Thu, 8 Aug 2013

I have had six bouts of AF over the last twenty plus years. I am taking asprin at the moment but my specialist has recommended that I should change to Warfarin or Apixaban. I am reluctant to take these because of the possibility of bleeds.

Should I consider Ablation?

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Jenny.S - Female, 60 - 70, Croydon

Croydon - Sun, 20 Oct 2013

Latest research and NICE guidelines have proven that Warfarin is the only drug that prevents blood clots forming,

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Michael.D - Male, Formally East London. Now emigrated to Central Scotland.

Formally East London. Now emigrated to Central Scotland. - Wed, 4 Sep 2013

I have had AF for about 7 years now and was eventually recommended for an ablation, which I had in mid January. At first, it seemed that it hadn't been successful, as the slightest exertion would set off the palpitations again.I was re-admitted to hospital twice, subsequently. Both times, I was 'zapped' with electric shock treatment.
It didn't help that my medication kept being changed and altered by various hospitals. At the time I was on Warfarin, Bisoprolol and Digoxin.
After yet another anxious night of palpitations I was admitted to hospital for a 3rd time, this time in Scotland. They kept me under observation for a day and eventually decided to increase the dosage of the medication I was on and so far. It appears to have worked as my heart has slowed right down and stabilised. Even to the point where minor exertion doesn't set it off.
They do advise you at the outset, that ablation is not always successful. But I would recommend it whole heartedly. (Dreadful pun. Sorry)

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rosey1300 - Female, Over 70, West Midlands

West Midlands - Thu, 22 Aug 2013

I also have Atrial Fib,
having had several bouts of it, over he last 15+ yrs,
after I had a heart attack, I'n 2004, I had a serious attack of Atrail Fib, and was put on drug called Amioderone, and have been on it for over 10 yrs.
but I am in permanent Atrial Fib,now, and waiting for Ablation, .... I did take aspirin also after my heart attack, but now am on Warfarin.
and probably will be for rest of my life, although if the Ablation, is successfully done, I will indeed come of Amioderone , which no longer keeps my A/F under control, plus it has damaged my liver, and have to take thyroxine, because it also causes damage to the thyroid gland.

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danwalter -

United States - Tue, 13 Aug 2013

Four unsuccessful ablations! I'd like to hear more about that!

I would recommend that anyone considering catheter ablation for afib read this:

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Charles B

Charles B - Male, 60 - 70, London

London - Thu, 8 Aug 2013

I get a 24 hour AF episode about once a week! I've had 4 unsuccessful ablations. But they do work for some people. I had a heart attack 15 years ago which makes it a bit trickier. The ablation isn't that unpleasant. Speak to your doctor.

I have been on warfarin for 10 years with absolutely no problem. Given how frequent my AF is, the risk of blood clots leading to a stroke is much greater than the risk of bleeding. Ordinary cuts take a fraction longer to stop bleeding than normal but the difference is hardly noticeable. I hope this helps.

My big issue is whether to go for a pacemaker for my AF. I would really like to hear from anyone who has done this.

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