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Have you seen a lovely doctor, nurse or health professional in Hertfordshire recently?


hf-editors -

Thu, 23 Jun 2016

Spread the love and name the health professional that gave you or your family a good care experience on this thread.

They can be a ward nurse, district nurse, GP, hospital doctor or any clinician, NHS or private.

HealthFriends will pass your compliment to the professional concerned who will value your positive feedback.

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eyelash101 - Female, Herts

Herts - Thu, 23 Jun 2016

I think this is a lovely idea and there are lots of worthy health professionals who deserve recognition and thanks. I would personally like to nominate a local GP in Berkhamsted - Dr Kate Smith who is an absolute gem, she always goes the extra mile, works extra hours well beyond her call of duty, and really listens and cares about her patients. I have been to see her on several occasions and always appreciated her genuine caring approach - she never makes me feel rushed through like 'just another patient' and takes the time to connect emotionally with me. We are very lucky to have her in Berkhamsted and she deserves to be rewarded!

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