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New to PCOS


Vasenna - Female, 20 - 30, Greensborough

Greensborough - Fri, 3 Jun 2016

I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS.
Started by me noticing mass weight gain. I've always been athletic build and 85kg 5ft10. I gained weight all of a sudden and could not work it off no matter how much I tried. So a visit to the doc was in order. They put me on a higher dosage pill to help control the hormones but in turn made me gain more weight!
So now I'm massively depressed and insecure about myself as I've just broken the 100kg barrier

I work out 2-5 times a week depending on work and I try and eat home cooked meals most nights, but I'm finding that even after I eat a big meal to fill me up 20mins later I am starving again!

I eat cereal fro brekkie, sandwich at lunch and meat and veg for dinner almost every day

Please someone give me advice!
Doctors have not helped me at all pretty much just said if you are unhappy go exercise!

Is there drugs that can help me?

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Thu, 2 Feb 2017

Hi Vasenna. I really feel for you as i was in the same place a couple of years ago. I then heard about metformin which i persuaded my doctor to start me on. It has made a big difference - i have lost 11kg and hair on my lips is less noticeable.

You may want to try it.

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